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The new Stanford University students in a creative writing workshop is the Nike brand's founder, billionaire Philip H. Knight a spring evening, a mysterious man sat in a Stanford University creative writing workshop in the back seat. He obviously a student dress, but age is much greater than anyone else in the class. He was wearing a black sports jacket, white Nike shoes pedal. He told others that he called Phil (Phil). As the days passed, this person's identity has increasingly become the focus of attention. Join the class of English Department student Andrei ? Lyon (Andre Lyon), said the teacher, "Phil alluded several times after the class take a private plane to leave." In addition, this Phil still own literary speech also mentioned Michael ? Jordan (Michael Jordan) legend. After a few weeks, rumors began to spread again: The wear Nike's brother is actually the world's largest sports brand, Nike's founder, billionaire Philip ? H ? Knight (Philip H . Knight). rumor is not true. Now 69-year-old Knight in the past 40 years in this hotel in Beaverton, Oregon company to build into the industry giant, but low-key and secret places he is known for. As chief executive during th Retro jordans for sale e (CEO), Knight usually receive guests in a small room, managers rarely allowed into his private room. In 2004, Knight resigned from the post of CEO, as chairman of the company, after which he became more low-key, beginning only in 2006 took over the helm from his hands when the CEO was away, Knight was once again into the public sight. probably is resigned CEO in the year, Knight re-melted to sit in the classroom. In the past three years, although Knight is not a registered student, but he regularly with Stanford University's undergraduate classes together, exchange work with other students, and even go out to Palo Alto bar to drink a few beers. He told the students that he was writing a novel. Knight refused several requests for an interview about his writing. However, according to Knight, former classmates present ? Stillman (Ben Stillman) described Knight's performance in the class was "Hemingway." "He does not like long-winded," Stillman said. "He just said he was more, but you can see that in fact he has a lot of ideas in private." Knight to come to class with his wallet might be a little honest relationship. Last year, Knight announced to the Stanford Business School, air jordan 11 space jam for sale donated $ 105 million, while in 1962 he graduated from there. According to university spokesman said many times before Knight had donated, including the addition of a business school to help professorship, Institute donated a building to the athletic department and gifts and so on. Knight in 1959 received a bachelor's degree in the University of Oregon. He also repeatedly donated property to the University of Oregon. Knight this belated academic career began only a few years ago. At that time, he visited the novelist, professor of English at Stanford University ? Tobias Wolff (Tobias Wolff) campus office. According to Wolfe recalled Knight, "said he wanted to write," and to get advice on where to start well. "I advised him from their existing capacity levels beginning," Wolf said. him in a low-key manner Knight introduced into a creative writing class entry. "At that time in order to prevent other students know his identity, we spent a lot of thought." Wolf said. So, Knight became a frequent visitor to various English class, but he rarely reveal their situation. For example, the spring of 2006, held Wednesday night: the "English in the form of 95 fiction and theory," Kn cheap air jordans ight of the figure can be seen, this is the department creation seminar called "novel salon." This course is a professor in a department called Adam ? Johnson (Adam Johnson) lecturer, he refused to evaluate the Knight class issue. A photograph may be disclosed in the course open class shoot, photo is a dungeon filled with people, a total of 15 students, the students smiling, next to ready notebook, but this time just face Knight turn over. However, Knight put on this class is not compromised. His job is the students circulated evident from his passion for writing. "With feelings to writing, writing is conscious," Knight put forward such a proposal at the date of prose April 25, 2006 in. "The most plain language tend to have the most powerful force." These weekly class students remember the last time talked to Knight discussed some novel themes and characters, such as Manuel Puig ? (Manuel Puig) of "Kiss of the Spider Woman" (Kiss of the Spider Woman) and Edward ? Hilde Schulz (Edward Schwarzschild) of "responsible men" (Responsible Men). Despite the significantly larger than older students, but Knight soon became a very popular figure Stanford campus, we all know he likes afte Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale r school and his wife Penny (Penny) in Palo Alto bar for parties, only after the bulk of the private jet ride back to the house on the outskirts of Portland, Oregon. "He always pays the bill," Stillman said. Some of these activities are also invited to participate in senior professor of the Department of English, sometimes at the Stanford Park Hotel and Blue Chalk Hall gathering for a while. Blue Chalk site invites guests to "relax with a cold beer or a bottle of wine Margaret." Knight also dating even appeared on Facebook, he posted a picture on top. Photo, his arms resting on the shoulders of two college students, as well as a student holding a bottle, drank a bottle like Margaret. According to the students, said Knight, Knight in the class diligent earnest, passionate. "I was most impressed that he spoke was so confident," former classmate Amelia ? Ashton (Amelia Ashton), said Knight when a student remained "CEO of the firm confidence" . Junior Jazmin? Hanify (Jasmine Hanifi) is revealed, like Knight actor is "tough guy" type of book. Knight, a job in which he reveals Hemingway's 1926 novel "The Sun Also Rises." soft spot. The novel tells of the story of Americans oversea jordans on sale mens s, which is best known for the exciting Spanish bullfight scene description. "Hemingway twelve rewrite the book, and Scott? Fitzgerald (Scott Fitzgerald) explored his modifications, but are not detract from the charm of this book," Knight wrote. "People like to see the love story, even in any other type of fiction, but the love story is also the most difficult to write, which Hemingway is no exception." But Knight did not like this book unpretentious dialogue, he believes more dialogue might make Hemingway took some of the ink. Knight seems to despise ? Actress Ashley Brett (Brett Ashley), the "femme fatale" "all to himself based", but "in addition to beautiful, nothing liked the place." Stillman said in a ? About William Maxwell (William Maxwell) tells Midwestern town murder mystery of "Bye, see you tomorrow" on (So Long, See You Tomorrow) discussion, he It found that Knight is not a novice in fiction writing. "Knight Knight's wife spoke at the meeting for their efforts has not stopped finishing a novel, and he insisted the possible 20 years," Stillman said. Another time, when Stephen Gould to Knight asked him about the book, Knight represents indeed the matter, but does not jordan 3 katrina 2018 disclose any details. "He was careful to keep the secret." Wolf said in September of school this semester on campus, nobody saw Knight, but does not rule out the possibility of his return at the end. In English from the classroom a few paces, Knight Management Center (Knight Management Center) will break ground next year, which is the Knight's latest contribution to make the campus. The center will include new classrooms, dining facilities and a 600-seat auditorium. According to participate in the activities of the last writing workshop students say, the presence of Knight to the students each presented a $ 200 Nike gift voucher. novelist Hilde Schulz once came to the Knight's class, was touched by Knight humble learning attitude. Hilde Schulz said: "In fact, Knight would like to move the teacher is a very easy thing to do, then by helicopter to the person on the line but he wanted to participate in a real working group, as one of equal members. He did not want to be a CEO, he wanted ? Philip Knight, a student. 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Let's enjoy the map together!! download (91.17 KB)〈br 2009-11-30="" 10:38 download (92.55 KB)〈br 2009-11-30="" 10:38 download (100.58 KB)〈br 2009-11-30="" 10:38 download (98.01 KB)〈br 2009-11-30="" 10:38 download (86.5 KB)〈br 2009-11-30="" 10:38 download (84.25 KB)〈br 2009-11-30="" 10:39 download (74.12 KB)〈br 2009-11-30="" 10:39 download (97.49 KB)〈br 2009-11-30="" 10:39 download (96.35 KB)〈br 2009-11-30="" 10:39 download (138.49 KB)〈br 2009-11-30="" 10:39 download (155.49 KB)〈br 2009-11-30="" 10:39 download (122.76 KB)〈br 2009-11-30="" 10:39 download (118.43 KB)〈br 2009-11-30="" 10:39 download (68.86 KB)〈br 2009-11-30="" 10:39 download (146.8 KB)〈br 2009-11-30="" 10:39 download (138.15 KB) P& Y6 K8; I5: K blue shoes orange orange / white collocation details and ink details, showing interesting rough texture of Maryland blue crab crab, this double to KD's favorite delicacy of "blue crab" inspired by the Nike KD VI will be officially on sale in November 29th.Recent jordans on sale online ly, NIKE Air Yeezy 2 official exposure of the red and black two color models and Wolf Grey details of the plan, which is double the Hip-Hop star Kanye West has personally designed shoes tempt the appetite of people. Nike Air Yeezy 2's design inspiration comes from the ancient Egyptian mythology, the name printed on the shoe-letter abbreviation AYZ hieroglyphics on the tongue, is the three-headed eagle design and build to the sun god and pyramid shape as the prototype. The most prominent feature is the python grain leather uppers and heel rolling corrugations, with the soft shoe body scrubs mixed materials, the perfect combination of comfort and breathability. Now officials have determined the final release date of June 9, together with the sale of these two colors will be interested friends prepare it the night ranked team. Source: highsnobiety& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; You may think that you are wearing Nike clothing is probably in Alaska Ningbo R & D out --- Recently, a world-renowned brand Nike (NIKE) ownership of the US Nike own design room moved to the city of Shenzhou Knitting Company, established Nike Shenzhou design studio, is mainly engaged in the development of knitted fa cheap foamposites brics and knitwear design. Shenzhou official told reporters, Nike Shenzhou design studio is only a design studio Nike created in Asia. "Now every quarter 100 in a variety of Nike's new season Shenzhou born." Innovative industrial design has become a source of competition and core competitiveness of the city's manufacturing sector. Beifa stationery industry as a leader, in recent years, an average of more than 100 new product development based on the successful industrial design, now has 648 patents annually. Auto parts manufacturers Machinery Co., Ltd. Ningbo Nobuyasu another in Ningbo, Shanghai, Jiaxing three places set up R & D and product design center, has more than 400 R & D team. city's urgent need for innovative industrial design entrepreneurs, but also to the world of industrial design innovative international forum held yesterday in Beilun become very hot. The Forum invited 10 top international designers teach the latest design concepts, the results 500 yuan a ticket, "a ticket is hard."As the Knicks at home most loyal audience Spike Lee never miss any Saatchi New York and the NBA All-Star game this weekend in the "big brother" to steal the spotlight once again beco buy cheap jordans online me the most people, he was wearing a pair of customized version The Air & nbsp; Jordan 13, the director of the film with its designer "He Got Game", with the upper film Shuttlesworth and his son, and the toe of graffiti with the exception appropriate, followed by the Department of "40" is its Publisher Company Logo. Reebok Pump Twilight Zone "Lakers vs. Celtics" debut 2014-02-24 21:07:59 The Lakers and the Celtics as the traditional despotic, also a pair of historic enemies, in the 1980s, we have witnessed a lot of exciting showdown between the two. The Reebok Pump & nbsp; Twilight Zone on these two teams, respectively, as a source of inspiration, the use of purple and yellow color on behalf of the Lakers and Celtics on behalf of white and green color rendering, retro shoes plus retro colors, enough We brought back memories of the classic. A $ AP Rocky x Jeremy Scott x adidas Originals joint shoes tushang 2013-12-08 23:39:04 Music and fashion have always been close, the music industry in recent years, people work together to create a linked list fashion designer goods are nothing new, and recently with the adidas Originals have a good cooperation between the devil designer Jeremy Scott will join hands in hip-hop music People & nbsp; A $ AP Rocky, jointly and created a tripartite & nbsp; A $ AP Rocky x Jeremy Scott x adidas Originals JS Wings 2.0 Black Flag. In January this year, & nbsp; A $ AP Rocky released debut album & nbsp; ". Long Live.A $ AP" will be a hit, the album also attracted a & nbsp; Jeremy Scott, and therefore & nbsp; Jeremy Scott in the design of this footwear when they learned the & nbsp; Album & nbsp; ". Long Live.A $ AP" black and white American flag Cover for inspiration, to reshape the & nbsp; JS Wings 2.0 this classic wings shoes. Shoes with a black nylon cloth to create shoes and embroidery in the form of injection Astral and decorative stripes on the two shoes are American-style dark style makes this footwear fashion taste bursting. It is reported that this & nbsp; A $ AP Rocky x Jeremy Scott x adidas Originals JS Wings 2.0 Black Flag & nbsp; the price of 1,980 yuan, will be officially on sale in North America time on September 23, and will also be followed in the country designated store shelves ! Nike every year for James shoes are launched on behalf of a number of commercially available color in order to meet the preferences of different sneaker. Recently the network again released one pair of new color of Nike LeBron 12, designer inspired by James' birthplace, "Akron", navy blue with gold Posite MegaFuse upper shoe body constitute binding material, the overall feeling of elegance and yet domineering king. There are currently no specific commercial information of the shoes, a friend might like it continue to focus our follow-up reports.Apple Watch Nike+ 2017-03-22 11:32:13 Nike SPORTS BRACELET can now be sold separately, priced at RMB 398. And add the following styles: ? coal black with black Nike sport strap ? platinum with white Nike sport strap ? black fluorescent yellow Nike sport strap 's new Apple Watch Nike+ watch will also include a 38 mm and 42 mm deep space gray aluminum metal watchcase with black black Nike Sports Strap, and a 38 mm and 42 mm silver aluminum metal watchcase with Platinum White Nike sports strap. The new watch and watchband can be booked at today.this month, in addition to Jordan Air 6 Green Glow GS women's exclusive to the sale, will also be on sale in a name Jordan GS 6 Bright Mango Air women's exclusive color. The shoes with white leather filling shoe, the official will sole jelly glue color named for bright mango, and lace lock and heel ring green is named for the ghost green, do not know is not fooled everyone. Jordan Air 6 GS384665-114April 30th 2016$140source: sneakerbardetroitNike announced that Mamba Day is about to open 2016-04-08 11:24:06 Nike today announced April 13th as Mamba Day, and will create a series of black color products, in the coming weeks will debut, while Nike's numerous stars today expressed deep respect for Kobe, the first 15 seconds of the video, Erwin, George and Durant the expression of their views. In summary, Kobe can definitely be the mentor of many of the current league leaders. Air Jordan 5 "Captain America" custom version to appreciate 2013-12-09 00:00:46 famous shoes custom team DMC Kicks recently launched a new custom, this Air Jordan 5 "Captain America" as the name suggests to classic American heroes "Captain America" as the design inspiration, the Captain America sign of silver blue and red color to create shoes, the biggest bright spot is the redesign of the heel the designer's Captain America Jumpman Logo appearance.